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"Lindsay Tedder is an AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATOR who shares real life stories to help share hope to all. She is the real deal. She uses humor to help keep you on your feet as well as shares testimonies of God's faithfulness to help others see hope in all situations. She allows God to use the things that Satan intended for harm to bring hope to the hopeless. When she spoke, she brought down walls instantly that women had built up and helped them start their healing journey!"   -Pastor Tiffany Dewhurst  

"Lindsay’s presence and EXUBERANCE captures each person listening to her. She has a way of digging into your soul and bringing things to life that you didn’t know were dormant. Lindsay brings voice to the topics women think they are the only ones dealing with. When I hear her speak, I walk away feeling encouraged, HOPEFUL, and even excited to put into action the things I learn from her."  -Heather, Women's Studies Director

What did she say?

* Let's Do This * Let's Do This *


Lindsay is an extroverted over-thinker who never leaves a public restroom without making a brand new bestie! She overuses exclamation points!!!!!! And loves to host people in her home for literally any occasion! She is an author and speaker who absolutely REFUSES to turn her light off for anyone or anything and she will ensure you keep your light shining BRIGHT as well! Together with her writing partner, Stephanie Weber, Lindsay has discovered the key to overcoming her inner comparative narrative and she wants NOTHING more than for you to do the same!

Lindsay's Favorite Things!

Aside from the clumsiest doodle named Abe (Mr. Lincoln if you're feeling fancy) here is THE list you need to see RIGHT NOW!


I feel seen. Validated in what I told myself "nobody would understand." Lindsay not only understood what I hid inside, she's brave enough to speak it!

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“Negroni was the single best decision I made when trying to get my brand off the ground. Five stars!”

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