Don’t Fear Your Fab(ulous) – A Journey to embracing your self worth. Non-fiction. Current word count: 34,098. Estimated word count upon completion: 70,598. Don’t Fear Your Fab is a sparkling story of grit and vulnerable authenticity that dances through comedic stories, difficult life lessons, witty analogies, and heartache intended to destroy, all while focusing on God’s word as an anchor to the soul.

Endo is not the end, though – living life in the midst of pain. This book in concept follows Lindsay’s journey of “faking it” through her life for decades until one day, God changed everything. Follow gut wrenching truths, “laugh til you cry” honesty and a remarkable twist that will leave you breathless.

G.A.W. (Grown Ass Woman)An uproarious collaboration at the intersection of science and real life. In this book concept, Lindsay partners with Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, creator of The Path to Wellness and founder of The Holy Wellness Center, Alisa Klepser to bring to life such topics as worry, fear, rejection, overcoming and owning who they are meant to be. Grown Ass Woman is an honorary title that was conferred upon you at your creation but you are the only key that can unlock its power.

Above the WavesA photographic journey of overcoming. This is a photo book in concept – a coffee table style artistically centered work that reveals the stories of women who have survived tragedy and have been redefined. The pages will be presented with photographs of the women who are vulnerably sharing their stories.

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