Words like “perfect body,” “dramatic results,” “fit mom,” “ideal body,” and “fit and fabulous” are everywhere we scroll. EVERYWHERE.

The hashtag #perfectbody on Instagram yields 4.7 MILLION images. 4,700,000 images, most of which feature nearly naked women, flaunting bronzed skin, apple bottom booties, flat stomachs, perfect breasts, thigh gaps, and long flowing beachy waves – all of which I am without. Type in the hashtag #weightloss and you’ll find 60.9 MILLION images. Sixty freakin’ million. The hashtag #beauty garnishes a whopping 353 million posts, most of which feature the same style images as the #perfectbody hashtag yields.

But when I looked up the hashtag #innerbeauty, I was greeted with a lowly 828 thousand images, most of which still featured some gorgeous woman showing off her perfectly flat stomach. One even came up of a stunning woman holding a needle filled with Botox. I swear. I can’t make this up. How does Botox or a flat stomach have anything to do with inner beauty?

The thought baffled me.

It is no wonder that I and millions of other women struggle to feel comfortable in the skin we’ve been given….to continue reading, click the link below.


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