I have a pretty spot-on, artificial southern accent. In the past, I’ve been known to order food from a drive-thru with the deep drawl of the south in my mouth, as my friends make their best attempt at stifling their laughter. When my husband and I were dating, I would joke that as soon as we had kids, we were moving south so they could call me “mama” in that thick-as-molasses cadence.

My affinity for all things southern hit a real peak when I was deciding what college to attend. I found a very small private university in a tiny mountain town in North Carolina and it was love at first visit. It was all sweet tea and southern hospitality. I was hooked and couldn’t imagine my life anywhere else.

Within the first week of school I knew something was a little “off,” but I couldn’t pinpoint it. I was 18 and had never lived on my own. Being hundreds of miles away from home made me feel free; as if the drama I had left behind didn’t exist. I moved to a place where I knew nobody and not a single person knew anything about me. There was no historical playbook of my actions or anyone to gossip about the person I once was. The proverbial slate had been wiped clean and I could be whoever I wanted…..click the link below to continue reading.


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  1. Anavah September 13, 2021 at 2:35 pm

    Thank you Lindsay finding your website was no coincidence God allow your work also for this very moment of despair I feel in so much reflection of loss. I thank God for the strength that has come upon me just after reading your prayers. It’s hope I see and love I feel. I just needed you to know that I truly appreciate what you have with love from the Father have left for somebody like me who feels abandonment by God. Thank you 🙏 God bless you and I love your pictures you truly are beautifully.


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