Years ago, while in a particularly challenging season in my life and marriage, there was one person who I intentionally avoided. Now, she lived out of state, so that wasn’t too difficult a task to accomplish. It had been quite some time since I had taken one of her calls. I knew she would know my secrets without me sharing them. I knew she would tell me my behavior needed correcting.

I knew she was right. 

My avoidance ended when she called my office. Yep. In the days of text messages, snaps, DMs, and FaceTime, she looked up my office phone number and called me at work. I was forced to accept her call that day. I didn’t have a choice but to fess up to my behavior and listen to her wise words. I knew she was right and as much as I didn’t want to take the call that day, I’m glad I did. 

My husband and I were heading down a path that the enemy would have loved to see come to fruition. We were slowly starting to separate. Up until that season in our marriage, we had lived a very pleasant life together. However, we weren’t speaking truth to each other. We were placating, enabling, and concealing. When Mrs. Jones called me that day and spoke truth over me, it allowed me to speak truth in my marriage.

Her truth allowed for mine to be spoken. Her truth allowed for my husband to speak his truth.

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